Introducing Composable Banking

Fimple offers a cloud banking platform that provides a composable foundation for building modern financial operations. You can forget about one-size-fits-all vendor lock-ins, siloed or monolithic core banking systems, expensive professional service engagements, or option-limited modularisation. Now you are free to compose your system aligned to business and customer needs.


A new way to transform

Fimple’s composable banking platform allows organizations to make big bang transformations that take years to deliver. By delivering results in months rather than years, composable banking allows transformation to take place fractionally. Fimple’s composable banking system enables effective and lower-risk transformation into future-ready banking system. With Fimple’s composable simple set up, you’ll be able to get started in a matter of months.

Composable Fimple Solutions

Fractional transformation

Traditional Banking Solution

Big bang transformation

What makes us composable?

Agility & flexibility

Fimple’s composable banking system will deliver results in months rather than years. With a Fimple setup, you’ll be able to transform into a future-ready banking system within a matter of months.


Fimple’s composable banking platform offers an alternative to the traditional way of banking where financial institutions are at the center of attention, user experience is paramount and there are no cumbersome back-ends that cloud the technological landscape.

Speed to market

Fimple’s composable banking platform can save you up to 95% faster time to market. Should your product development and delivery be 95% faster, imagine how leading and relevant your company would become!

Great customer relationships

Financial innovation is optimised through ‘true’ composability and market leading ecosystem of specialist vendors. New technology brings new potential. Choosing a platform designed for composability means you focus on new, innovative financial services and user experience.

Lower TCO

We reduced the operating cost of banks by 70% as well as deploy other features that help reduce overall cost. The resources needed to go live are nearly non-existent and operational costs are a fraction of what they would be otherwise.


Fimple’s composable platform allows any bank to scale up or down, at will. This allows the bank to expand internationally, just like large banks have done for decades.

Ready to get started?

Cloud-based composable core banking system for financial institutions with the “Financial Function as a Service” principle.

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