Fimple Process Designer

Fimple Process Designer is a powerful enterprise-grade solution that helps you create composable ecosystems, define service paths and ensure seamless interactions between all your services. It's built to help financial institutions quickly and easily integrate real-time APIs, while ensuring they deliver great experiences at speed.

Connect to the Fimple Ecosystem

FPD’s prebuilt connectors (productised integration layers) can link you direct to this ready-made, constantly expanding financial ecosystem. Our technology providers already interface their products to Fimple's core banking software as a service engine. FPD's prebuilt connectors can link you to this ready-made, constantly expanding financial ecosystem. There is no need to build complex integrations on top of APIs, or worry about hosting services. This dramatically reduces time to market for new services, especially during initial implementation.

Business Process Management

Document Management System

Audit Logging Business Journal

Parameter Management


Personalisation & Multilingualism

Slip Management



Business Rule Engine

FX Rates Engine

End of Day Task / Scheduled Tasks

Composable Platform

Our platform fast-tracks financial services by assembling independent, best-for-purpose systems. It provides the API connections and business process management that bring it all together to power competitive advantage. FPD, as an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) offers ecosystem connectors and pre-built integrations.

FPD's composable architecture allows the developer to get things done faster.

Fimple Process Designer is a middleware solution that acts as a data exchange platform between different business systems, processes and parties. It pulls, pushes and processes data via our APIs.

Agile System

Agile development enables companies to build, test, and release new capabilities in days or weeks.


You can combine business systems in unique ways to gain a competitive advantage.


Avoid monolithic architectures, excessive dependencies on a single company, and bottlenecks.


The intuitive no-code/low-code interface and visual development environment of our business process automation software enables you to design, build, and maintain holistic API-driven business processes.

Fast Integration

Our RESTful APIs and rapid implementation approach helps you to reduce code duplication and integration effort.

Scale faster

FPD provides a powerful framework for quickly debugging, monitoring, reporting, and handling errors and retry mechanisms as your business processes expand.

Ready to get started?

Cloud-based composable core banking system for financial institutions with the “Financial Function as a Service” principle.

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