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Core Banking Platform

Cloud-native composable core banking platform for financial institutions with the “Financial Function as a Service” principle.

Why Fimple

New Generation Financial Technology

Freedom with new generation financial technology

Cloud Technology

Fimple makes financial functions lean, simplify finance, and is affordable to provide essential financial services such as remittance, FX, loans and deposits as a natural-born cloud fintech.


The financial system authorities demand excessive requirements. New entrants, mostly ambitious fintechs, are struggling to follow regulatory obligations.


Needs long time & money for organizations to develop new products, TTM is intolerable anymore for incumbents.

Simple with Fimple

For Incumbent giants, Fimple offers a parallel, modern core in an efficient way for banks to modernize their operations. Defining, configuring, and launching new distinguished financial products is simple with Fimple.

All-in-One Platform


Digital Only Banking

The advanced technology of Fimple is committed to giving our customers the best digital banking experience possible. That’s why we continue to innovate and release new features, services and products that are truly useful. With Fimple Digital Banking, you can provide your customers with all of their banking needs in one place, whenever they need it.

Investment Banking

We help you leverage new technologies, such as open APIs and agile development practices, to respond quickly to the changing needs of your customers and stakeholders. Our investment banking capabilities are comprehensive and unmatched, allowing us to provide you with end- to-end solutions across multiple disciplines, including M&A, investor relations, financing, and trading.

Buy Now Pay Later

Fimple BNPL solution provides you to ensure your customer with an affordable, flexible, and transparent financing solution that’s more than simply a loan. It’s an easy-to-use and inclusive risk management tool. Delivered as a service for banks and non-banks, our cloud- based platform can optimise for you the sales cycle by embedding variable installment loans at the point of sale.

Consumer Finance

Fimple provides a lending solution that allows you to enter or expand in the person and business lending space. It is built on a cloud-based platform that provides users with an easy-to-use yet powerful solution to create, originate and manage multiple personal and business loans in real-time. As a result, you get more flexibility and the ability to scale your lending business in line with customer demand.

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Designed for Developers

Everything is API

Start exploring our APIS to empower your business. We provide essential financial components with a holistic approach, gives the alphabet. Then, using this alphabet, FIs and ecosystem players design the system according to their business models.

Prebuilt integrations

Fimple’s marketplace enables you to discover and connect with the technology providers and products.

User Guide

Explore our guides and examples to integrate Fimple.

How It Works

Get your developers onboard, very quickly. Learn how to incorporate our Fimple APIs in just few easy steps.


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