Create a World-Class Member Experience with Fimple

You deserve a credit union services and technology provider who can help you anticipate member needs, deliver personal experiences, and support your missing to help people with new ideas and investment in innovations.

As Fimple, we're passionate about helping you and your members get the most out of your relationship. That's why we design our software to optimize member experience and enhance operational efficiency, giving your employees more time to build and deepen relationships with members.

Fimple CU is a customized technology solution that allows you to better serve your members, while maintaining your credit union's unique culture.

With Fimple’s Cloud solutions that are easy to use and maintain for Credit Unions:

  • Enhance member satisfaction by providing personalized service that meets their needs
  • Reduce operational costs by streamlining processes and eliminating manual tasks
  • Increase operating efficiency and profitability by delivering faster response times

Real-time transaction, integrated platform, easy to use

Fimple CU, is a complete digital platform built to serve the needs of the credit union industry. We enable transactions and services to be processed in real-time, which then automatically pushes valuable insights and trends back into the system. We have developed an integrated solution for credit unions that provides a single view of the customer, enabling them to better service their members by offering customized products based on individual needs. We provide you with best-in-class technology that is simple to use and easy to implement. Our goal is to help you grow your business by providing you with tools that allow you to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve member satisfaction.

Maximum efficiency with an easily scalable unique platform

Credit unions have a lot on their plates. They're responsible for helping members achieve financial stability and satisfaction, but they also have to worry about managing their operations and keeping up with regulatory changes. That's why Fimple CU's robust rules, automation, and third-party integration capabilities are so important! They keep your operations running with maximum efficiency—so you can focus on building relationships with your members and helping them achieve their financial goals. Fimple CU, keeps your credit union running smoothly by giving you the tools you need to automate processes, manage risk, and optimize your operations. With Fimple CU , you can leverage automation that can easily scale to meet workload volumes while giving employees more time to focus on building relationships with members.

New generation digitalization

Digital channels increasingly become the primary way members manage their financial relationships and expect fast, friction-free, personalized, secure, and dependable experiences. Our solution helps credit unions deliver these experiences by powering their digital transformation with data and AI.

Simple, Fast, Easy, Automatized Processes

Be efficient in your IT team's time, and empower your business stakeholders to be autonomous when it comes to automating processes. With Fimple CU, you can easily automate workflows with low code, no scripting needed. And through Fimple CU's Self-Service application, business stakeholders can trigger automated processes at the click of a button – no IT support necessary.

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