Who is Fimple?

Established in January 2022 as a product-focused company addressing financial sector players’ problems by creating a cloud-based system with the new generation of technology and business needs. Fimple is proposing a composable finance solution with native API’s, based on SaaS Architecture and Cloud-native microservices. By using Fimple Transaction Composer, banks and financial institutions can develop/reconfigure products and services and offer them to their customers and fintech partners.

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We focus on innovating through people. You are an essential part of making us that and we believe in fostering an integrated work-life balance. Our goal is to attract and retain the very best talent by creating a rewarding environment that allows individuals with diverse skills, perspectives, and backgrounds to grow their careers.

Our core values

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The Fimple Way
The Fimple way

We're always aiming for the most simple, pragmatic and effective solutions to any problem. We think of the user first, and that's how we've built our business.

Innovate Together

We listen to our customers, and we build products that best serve their business needs. We provide continual releases and new initiatives, so our customers can stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the latest technology.

Think Big

We never settle. We challenge our ideas of what’s possible in order to better meet the needs of our customers.

Be yourself

We want people to be able to bring their whole selves to work every day, because that's how you build trust within your team.

Be Collaborative

We're a community of people who are passionate about learning and sharing knowledge. Everyone at Fimple is here to help each other be our best selves, and collaboration is what takes us places we might not have been able to go alone!

Ethic Business

We're proud of how we interact with our customers, clients, partners and each other. Being a brand that is consistently ethical and true to its word is the cornerstone of its identity.

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