The Digital Banking Platform for the Next Generation

It’s digital banking without limits

The advanced technology of Fimple is committed to giving our customers the best digital banking experience possible. That’s why we continue to innovate and release new features, services and products that are truly useful. With Fimple Digital Banking, you can provide your customers with all of their banking needs in one place, whenever they need it.

New Generation Financial Technology

Create Smart Digital Experience

Boost Your Business with Cloud-based Banking

Fimple’s cloud-based platform and microservices-enabled banking capabilities enable you to innovate fast and build for change. Assemble our capabilities across digital and core banking, loans, accounting, data analytics, and more. Drop-in new services to innovate around existing cores and create new solutions easily by combining Fimple and third-party capabilities.

Innovate Fast

Fimple Digital Banking Platform helps you create new digital banking services to meet changing customer behavior, drive adoption and conversion, and generate revenue. The SaaS platform is designed to help banks innovate fast while reducing costs, complexity, complexity, and risk.

Easy-to-use, Flexible and Secure

Fimple Digital Banking Platform is an easy-to-use, flexible and secure cloud platform that empowers you to deliver banking services quickly. In addition, it automates the provisioning of services so you can innovate fast on existing core banking capabilities. You can build new service capabilities in days or weeks that create new revenue streams and transform your business in the process.

End-to-end Comprehensive Banking Solutions

Accelerate your digital transformation initiatives with world-class front and middle- office transactional capabilities. By automating the back office, fimple transforms big data into actionable insights that allow you to deliver high-quality, personalized customer experiences. And our open platform makes it easy for you to integrate third- party solutions and connect to your partner ecosystems. Whether you are an incumbent bank or challenger, Fimple’s cloud-native platform and microservices-enabled banking capabilities enable you to innovate fast and build for change.

Simplifying Banking Technology

Make banking faster, affordable, and safer for the bank through digitalization

Fast, Easy and Innovative

Our Digital Banking Platform was designed to empower you to get to market fast with a pre- built repository of features while giving you the flexibility to tailor the platform to your specific needs and evolve as quickly as your customers’ needs. Fimple is an open, flexible, and secure digital banking platform that allows banks to develop apps for their customers quickly. With the freedom to align the platform of Fimple with your digital banking architecture and elastically scale on demand, you can simplify connectivity to any core banking system and have control over application development time and costs through advanced micro-services and APIs.

Keep Banking Simple for All

Fimple Digital Banking Platform is a comprehensive set of digital banking capabilities for a frictionless and personalized experience that drives stronger customer engagement. We use data analytics, and smart banking capabilities to provide actionable customer insights. The platform includes a multi-channel strategy from native mobile apps, web apps, branch to advanced interfaces like conversational banking and wearable devices.

The Future of Banking

The Fimple Digital Banking Platform is an open and scalable platform that allows any bank to create, deliver, and manage digital customer experiences faster than ever before. By combining our cutting-edge technology with the flexibility of open banking, your institution can adapt quickly to changing market dynamics and disrupt the industry with new ideas. Our Platform enables you to operate faster, ahead of your competitors, by easily integrating with 3rd party applications or leveraging pre-built API connections from the Fimple Marketplace.

Ready to get started?

Cloud-based composable core banking system for financial institutions with the “Financial Function as a Service” principle.

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