Fimple's Buy Now Pay Later

Fimple BNPL infrastructure solution provides you to ensure your customer with an affordable, flexible, and transparent financing solution that's more than simply a loan. It's an easy-to-use and inclusive risk management tool. Delivered as a service for banks and non-banks, our cloud- based platform to provide you optimize the sales cycle by embedding variable installment loans at the point of sale.

Smarter Financial Technology

The BNPL service offers an intuitive API and low-code extensibility that allows merchants to seamlessly integrate it with their point of sale systems.

Flexible and Powerful Platform

Fimple BNPL is a flexible and powerful platform that allows banks to move from traditional credit decisions to a new way of working with their customers. Fimple Buy Now, Pay Later helps banks win new business, both with merchants and consumers, by providing transparency into automated decisions and matching BNPL customers with appropriate credit offers based on their history.

Get More Customers and Grow Sales

Fimple BNPL is a Software As a Service based available on the Fimple Banking Cloud. Banks, fintech, and partners can rapidly consume a market-ready solution that offers a flexible payment option whilst reducing risk for all parties involved. Furthermore, Fimple BNPL can be integrated with customer channels, including mobile apps or websites, to enable the provision of facilities at the point of sale. This allows banks and fintech to reach new customers quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Simple, Secure Way to Spend Smarter

Fimple BNPL helps banks, fintechs, and other lenders to expand their customer base by extending the market through real-time lending. It provides transparency into decisions so that you can offer credit responsibly and ethically, ensuring that consumers can afford their repayments and that providers can evolve with changing market requirements.

Ready to get started?

Cloud-based composable core banking system for financial institutions with the “Financial Function as a Service” principle.

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