Unlocking the Full Potential of Fimple Platform with Innovative Low-Code Features and Powerful SDKs

One of the Fimples core strategic mission is to provide the freedom to our partners and customers to develop their needs, new products, new modules on top of Fimple Platform. Fimple has already numerous partners that are developing their own products on top of Fimple Platform.

Fimple is a remarkable platform that combines advanced low-code capabilities with an essential additional feature for both customers and partners. Fimple SDKs provide an innovative approach, empowering our business partners with the ability to rapidly develop new modules and functionalities within the Fimple Platform. This means you can focus on what you need to build, without the hassle of starting from scratch.

In this blog post, I will take a high-level look at Fimple Platform capabilities and explain how it can help you build better applications. I will also share some of the features that make Fimple unique, and provide some examples of how businesses are using Fimple to achieve their goals.

So whether you are a developer, a business owner, or simply someone who is interested in learning more about low-code, I encourage you to read on. I think you will be impressed with what Fimple has to offer.

Fimple SDK: Accelerating Development with Ease

One of Fimple’s most impressive offerings is the Fimple SDK, which serves as a development framework for our partners within the Fimple Platform. By utilizing nuget/npm packages, you gain access to all the necessary infrastructure, libraries, and tools to easily develop APIs and interfaces. Whether creating APIs or building screens, you can start your development journey immediately.

Business Foundations of Fimple Low-Code Platform

With Fimple’s low-code platform, you can fully leverage its numerous advantages while keeping your focus on the specific functionalities you need to develop. Fimple takes care of various aspects such as user management, accounting, receipts, commissions, fees, authorizations, workflow management, document management, and other required financial foundations. You no longer need to worry about coding these functionalities yourself. All of them are just simple definitions in Fimple and after finalizing your API developments, you can easily define those parts. For accounting and slip you can easily define and check the produced GL transaction.

Unlocking Technical Challenges with Fimple SDKs

Fimple SDKs (currently available for Dot Net Core and React) not only simplify business infrastructure but also tackle significant technical challenges, including micro-services and micro-frontend architecture, database, and operating system independence, versioning, multi-tenancy, and Software as a Service (SaaS) approaches. By eliminating the need for extensive technical work on your end, Fimple SDKs significantly accelerate your development process. Moreover, we do not only provide technical aspects we also provide all our expertise by opening our best practices and documentations for API standards, UX standards, and coding standards.

Comprehensive Compliance and Traceability Features

Fimple understands the crucial importance of regulatory compliance and traceability. It offers built-in solutions for user authentication and authorization, access logs, change logs, distributed tracing, and other necessary features, ensuring you comply with regulatory requirements effortlessly. Fimple also provides the authorization for the third parties that you might need to expose your APIs.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Best Practices

Fimple utilizes modern container-based technology, adheres to open standards, and incorporates DevSecOps approaches and practices. Alongside integrated CI-CD structures, Fimple empowers you to develop your modules while staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices. Fimple always keeps the tech-stack updated, periodically checks the best tools and approaches, and implement them in Fimple ecosystem.

Leveling Up Your Development Experience

Fimple’s in-house teams develop products and modules with exceptional expertise. As an SDK user, you benefit from the same level of proficiency and capabilities. Additionally, our detailed documentation supports developers and product owners throughout the development process. And if you ever need assistance, our dedicated Community Manager is always there to lend a helping hand.

In conclusion, Fimple is a game-changer in the low-code development landscape, offering advanced features and robust SDKs. With Fimple, you can unlock your full potential by swiftly building modules and functionalities within the platform, while also enjoying seamless compliance, cutting-edge technology, and extensive support. So why wait? Embrace Fimple and take your development journey to new heights and join our list of Partners who benefit from this Platform

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