Transformation of traditional banks

The changing preferences and expectations of modern consumers, the growing number of FinTech startups that make the market more competitive, and many other factors have drastically changed the FinTech digital transformation landscape. As a result, many traditional banks are adopting technological innovations—and looking for financial software development services to stay competitive and meet the needs of modern customers.

What Fimple Offers?

We are a fully-integrated and accessible banking platform that is cloud-based and scalable. We can help you realize your goals via our banking platform and plug-and-play ecosystem. Your teams don't need to be experts in coding – our simple user interface and rich APIs shield them from heavy lifting. Fimple’s cloud-based core banking system is highly secure and easy to use, so your teams can spend time improving the customer experience and growing your business.

Cloud-based Platform

A cloud-native banking platforms help banks transform their infrastructures, freeing them from expensive, rigid legacy systems. Also fast, flexible and frictionless, allowing you to change, build and grow your business.

Composable Solutions

A banking system enables effective and lower-risk transformation into a future-ready banking system. Fimple’s composable simple set up enables you to get started in a matter of months.


You can combine business systems in unique ways to gain a competitive advantage. Fimple's cloud-native platform and microservices-enabled banking capabilities enable you to innovate fast and build for change.


Scale your business with the same cloud-native platform, expanding into new products and markets. With Fimple core banking system, you can rapidly launch and update products and services (in
weeks or even days) in line with ever-changing market conditions and customer demands.

“A cloud-based core banking system that’s easy to deploy, use and scale.”

Ready to get started?

Cloud-based composable core banking system for financial institutions with the “Financial Function as a Service” principle.

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