Misyon Bank and Fimple Transform Banking Infrastructure in Turkey

Misyon Bank and Fimple have taken a significant step to transform banking infrastructure in Turkey. At a signing ceremony held at the Misyon Bank Headquarters, attended by senior executives from both organizations, it was announced that MisyonTech will utilize Fimple’s cloud-native core banking platform.

Mücahit Gündebahar, CEO of Fimple, highlighted that Misyon Bank and its subsidiary MisyonTech are important initiatives bringing a new breath to the industry. Gündebahar stated, “With the core banking infrastructure work we are conducting with MisyonTech, Misyon Bank will use Fimple’s over 5,500 API services, allowing them to develop unique products faster and collaborate with various providers through the Fimple marketplace.”

Muhammet Cerit, CEO of MisyonTech, commented on the collaboration: “Our ‘tOrk’ banking infrastructure, created by combining the Fimple function set and MisyonTech experience, will be a pioneer in service banking in Turkey by providing multi-institution flexibility with its modern microservices architecture and cloud-native solutions. Our platform, enhanced with artificial intelligence and robotic process integrations, will act as a catalyst in the industry by strengthening the core service areas of the financial ecosystem.”

Dr. Önder Halisdemir, CEO of Misyon Bank, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, saying, “Fimple is a valuable entity that will position our country in the global arena of financial technologies. We are pleased to develop solutions with Mr. Mücahit and his team to meet the needs of the industry.”

This collaboration is considered the beginning of a new era in financial technologies in Turkey and the global market. It is shared that innovative solutions will open a new window for the industry and all stakeholders.

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