Islamic Banking Solution

Fimple Islamic Banking offers a Shari'ah-compliant solution for your customers to enjoy an outstanding experience. The combination of digital and human interaction, advanced graphical product building capabilities, and modern technology help you create offerings that are compliant and personalized while reducing your operational costs and risks.

What Fimple Offers?

Shari'ah-compliant innovation, scalability and digital engagement with your clients are all enabled by our flexible and efficient solution.

Fimple Islamic Banking offers a range of highly scalable, established solutions that enable you to easily create new Islamic banking products, offer world-class services, and insure all your operations are Shari’ah compliant. Solutions are available on-premise or in the cloud.

Complete Shari’ah compliance

To be fully compliant with Shari’ah requirements, Islamic banks must remain in compliance with Shari’ah auditors. Fimple Islamic Banking software enables banks to adapt it to their own specific compliance requirements.

Ethical Codes

Fimple's Islamic Banking Platform is a new way of serving customers in the Islamic finance industry. With Fimple's Islamic Banking Platform, you can develop and launch fully Sharia- compliant products, all in the cloud. By developing and launching products on Fimple, Islamic banks get agility and speed while providing their customers with products aligned with their ethical codes.


The Fimple Islamic Banking Platform is a next-generation platform for Islamic banks and financial institutions, providing a single integrated product suite for Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Private Wealth Management, and Inclusive Financing. It is built on a design philosophy that drives operational efficiency and customer experience through the use of technology to automate manual processes and digitize legacy applications while enabling innovation through continuous feature enhancements. It is designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing banks to easily adapt it to meet their needs as they grow while ensuring compliance at all times with industry standards for Islamic banking.

Create product with Shira Compliant

Fimple's product builder allows you to create a wide range of products quickly, easily, and cost- effectively. This makes it particularly suited to Islamic banks who seek to increase their customer base, retain customers and improve profitability through a more modern offering. In addition, through our many analytics modules, we can provide valuable insights into your customers' behavior to help further grow your business. Our goal is to help banks reach their full potential by providing a tool that allows them to scale up their business at a low cost and with minimum effort.

Ready to get started?

Cloud-based composable core banking system for financial institutions with the “Financial Function as a Service” principle.

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