Fimple Services was Established by Fimple to Deliver Software and Consultancy Services to the Finance Sector

Fimple continues its growth activities without slowing down with the 2 million dollar investment it received in May. In the latest statement made by the company: “Fimple Services” brand was established to manage Fimple’s end-to-end service processes and to provide software and consultancy services to the financial sector.

Fimple, which started its activities in the first months of 2022 as a financial technology initiative and received an investment of 2 million dollars in the pre-seed investment round in May, continues to grow. The company, which recently included former BRSA Vice Chairman Dr. İhsan Uğur Delikanlı to its board of directors, stated that it will carry out its European operations from its headquarters in London. In the last statement made by Fimple; it was stated that the “Fimple Services” brand was established in order to manage the end-to-end service processes of the company and to provide software and consultancy services to the financial sector.

Mücahit Gündebahar, co-founder and general manager of Fimple, made the following statement regarding their decision to establish a new company under the Fimple Services brand: “We are confident that our 30 engineers will continue their product development efforts to provide financial functions over cloud systems with a service model at full speed. In the light of current developments in the FinTech sector, we have decided to establish a separate company within Fimple to use our banking software development experience to meet the needs of the sector. We aim to meet end-to-end service processes in finance and provide software and consultancy services with our experienced staff in our new company we established under Fimple Services brand. While Fimple continues its product development efforts to meet financial functions through cloud systems, Fimple Services will make significant contributions to the finance sector in software and consultancy.”

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