Fimple has received a $2 million investment led by APY Ventures

Fimple, a new generation technology company that offers modern solutions to the needs of the finance sector, has secured an investment of 2 million dollars. The round was led by APY Ventures and included participation from KT Portfolio and Tera Portfolio as well as angel investors.

In January 2022, Fimple began its operation in the sector with a focus on lean financial systems and the international market, and continues on its way with its experienced founding team. Fimple, which will serve all financial institutions, especially banks, at the level of function groups over the cloud, completed its core investment round last week by receiving investment from KT Portfolio, Tera Portfolio and broad-based senior angel investors under the leadership of Albaraka Portfolio.

KT Portfolio, Tera Portfolio and angel investors participated in the round, which was led by APY Ventures. Fimple, a new generation technology company that offers modern solutions to the needs of the finance sector, received an investment of 2 million dollars.

Fimple is designed to simplify the work of financial institutions by offering plug-and-play, scalable, ready for ecosystem collaborations, lean and parametric function groups and platform services that financial institutions can customize and add independently according to their own dynamics. Fimple’s sustainable service model solves basic needs such as keeping the product technologically and functionally competitive and complying with regulations, while allowing financial institutions to fully focus on their business model, products, and customers.

Fimple plans to complete its product development work and launch the product by the end of the year.

Mücahit Gündebahar, General Manager of Fimple, said that it is as important for an investment to be “smart” as for it to be financially sound; in this respect, he believes that the company has achieved a good synthesis with Albaraka Portföy and KT Portföy. Gündebahar added that the company’s goal would be to bring a global brand value to Turkey.

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