Fimple Core Banking Platform Launched in 1.5 Months at Dünya Katılım

Fimple has achieved significant success in the field of financial technologies by launching its state-of-the-art core banking platform at Dünya Katılım in just 1.5 months. This fast and innovative step was recorded as a turning point in the finance sector.

While the deployment of banking platforms usually takes months when using conventional methods, Fimple’s innovative approach radically shortened this process. Thanks to Fimple’s scalable and ecosystem-friendly platform with plug-and-play features, the construction of core banking platforms can now be done much faster.

Bringing a new breath to the financial sector, Fimple simplifies the work of industry players by enabling institutions to customize according to their own dynamics. While keeping its products continuously competitive and compliant with regulations, Fimple allows financial institutions to focus on their business models and customers. Mücahit Gündebahar, CEO of  Fimple emphasized the key factors behind their success: “Launching a participation bank platform in 6 weeks was possible thanks to our experienced team and focus on customer satisfaction. With a sustainable service model, Fimple solves fundamental needs such as continuous competitiveness and regulatory compliance of the product’s technology and function set, while financial institutions can fully focus on their business model, products, and customers.”

İkram Göktaş, CEO of Dünya Katılım, stated that one of the main reasons for choosing Fimple was the company’s ability to provide simple and effective solutions. Göktaş also emphasized the importance of the team’s flexibility, benevolence, and the ability to develop without the need for dedicated IT support, in addition to the microservices architecture.

Abdurrahman Çınar, CIO of Fimple, described the installation process at Dünya Katılım: “Thanks to its modern microservices platform, the Fimple system can technically get a bank up and running in just a few days.” The system was successfully transferred to the bank’s data center without any data loss and was operational in a short time.

Fimple’s success demonstrates the speed and capacity of digital transformation in the financial sector. The company’s innovative approach and strong technical platform offer new and effective solutions to financial institutions. This fast and effective banking platform setup serves as a model for other players in the sector. In addition to its technological achievements, Fimple has also taken significant steps in the financial field. The company raised $2 million in its first investment round and later collected an additional $3.5 million in a bridge investment round led by APY Ventures, aiming to secure Series A funding in the third quarter of 2024.

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