Fimple Completes Bridge Investment Tour, Securing a Total of $5.5 Million Investment

Following the $2 million investment obtained in the previous pre-seed round, Fimple has now secured an additional $3.5 million investment in the Bridge Investment tour, adding a new angel investor to its list. Led by Apy Ventures, the tour saw participation from KT Portfolio, Tera Portfolio, and angel investors. This total investment of $5.5 million aims to strengthen Fimple’s position as a leader in the finance industry by supporting the company’s expansion and innovation goals.

The company plans to use this investment to grow effectively in the global market and accelerate the transformation in the finance sector. The new funding is considered a strategic move to further enhance Fimple’s cloud-native plug-and-play platform operating on the “Financial Function as a Service” principle, increase its competitive advantage, and provide better services to customers.

Mücahit Gündebahar, CEO of Fimple, stated that the investment would significantly contribute to the company’s strategies, saying, “This investment will give a great boost to our mission of strengthening our technological infrastructure and shaping the change in the finance industry through leadership.” The company will continue to offer a sustainable service model focused on customer satisfaction while keeping its technological and functional set competitive.

Short-Term Goals and Strategic Vision of Fimple

Among Fimple’s short-term goals is to expand its success in Turkey globally and become a global brand by selling its banking platform to European, Balkan, Gulf, and African countries by 2024. The company is committed to increasing its impact in the finance industry using its API-based technological infrastructure and experienced team.

Innovative Solution Approach and Ecosystem Collaborations of Fimple

Fimple aims to simplify the operations of industry players by providing a plug-and-play, scalable ecosystem-ready platform that allows institutions to independently customize and add features according to their dynamics. With its sustainable service model, Fimple solves fundamental needs such as continuous competitive maintenance of the product’s technological and functional set and compliance with regulations. Financial institutions can focus entirely on their business model, products, and customers.

About Fimple

Established in 2022, Fimple is a technology company providing cloud-native core banking solutions in the finance sector. Operating in a total of 4 different locations with offices in Istanbul and a central office in London, the company represents a global team of more than 70 experts. Fimple continues its vision of adding value to the finance sector with solutions based on SaaS architecture and cloud-native microservices.

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