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Fimple is a product company that is solely focused on building a cloud native, highly composable and extendible platform to serve end to end platform requirements of digital, disruptive and new entrant financial players that need the agility. We provide a modern, highly composable and extensible platform with great ecosystem/marketplace support to power the business needs and let them thrive in a rapidly changing market.

We are looking for passionate, productive, highly motivated colleagues that will work heavily on this product development with the most modern technologies and the latest architectural approaches.

What Will The Right Person Look Like?

  • At least 5+ years of experience.
  • Being able to understand written English documents and prepare English documents related to SDLC.
  • Having experience on infrastructure related 
  • Having experience on Rancher, OpenShift or similar tools.
  • Having experience in CI/CD development tools, GitLab or Azure DevOps.
  • Having experience in Kubernetes and Docker.

What Will You Be Doing?

  • Having great joy, working together with a great dedicated team.
  • Designing microservice financial services business domains/functions.
  • Contributing to the product architectured as microservice and developing frontends, backends or both on the architecture.
  • Designing, coding, deploying and maintaining microservice modules.
  • Resolving the architectural issues and challenges.
  • Working in coordination with teammates, contributing to the modular technical architecture, and making the necessary changes.
  • Suggesting, identifying, and implementing development guidelines, central templates, and best practices and sharing with other teammates.
  • Having the opportunity to work passionately on our top vision international product and maximize technical knowledge.

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