Nakit Basit enables users to meet their cash-related needs from retail outlets, which means chain markets, retail outlets, bill payment centers or fuel stations. In order to meet these cash-related needs of users, it has offered two different solutions in a unique way: Nakit Basit mobile app and Nakit Basit as a service.

NakitBasit App, as an “open banking” application, allows end users to withdraw cash from and deposit money to their accounts without the need for an ATM.

NakitBasit as a service, on the other hand, provides services to institutions with acquired users, such as payment & e-Money firms and banks. Thus, the users of these partners can have the convenience of withdrawing and depositing money from retail points, which is the unique solution offered by NakitBasit.

How does the NakitBasit application work?

After you become a member of the NakitBasit application, you can view the nearest NakitBasit point on the map within the application. You can go to the location you have chosen, determine the amount you want to withdraw or deposit through the application, and complete your transaction by showing a unique code specially created for you to the cashier staff, and you can easily reach the cash. NakitBasit is waiting for you on Google Play and App Store.

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