KOBIL Security

KOBIL is a prominent provider of high-secure digital identity technologies, expertly designed to promote businesses’ sustainable growth through state-of-the-art platform business models. Our digital identity solutions center around stringent identity verification and IDP (Identity Provider) mechanisms, aimed at fortifying user identity protection. With real-time authentication and advanced fraud prevention measures, we guarantee unparalleled security for sensitive data and a solid foundation for comprehensive identity management.

At KOBIL, we are committed to provide top-notch digital security expertise that is fully compliant with industry regulations such as GDPR, PSD2, and even the upcoming PSD3 regulations. Our security measures are certified and recommended by leading institutions in the industry.

Our services extend to KYC (Know Your Customer) processes, secure document management, and advanced signature technologies, ensuring regulatory compliance while offering an added layer of data protection. Moreover, our secure payment gateway, provides a safe and reliable platform for transactions, making us a one-stop solution for secure digital banking needs. Balancing stringent security with ease of use, our offerings are crafted for a seamless, user-friendly experience. They’re versatile, able to cater to unique business needs, and present a cost-effective option for enterprises aiming for digital transformation.

On the other hand our secure device technology can detect OS, malware, device binding, rooting, and jailbreaks, providing real-time status updates on the security of your device. Our secure app and web services can detect code injection, manipulation, app integrity, and signature verification .Once those checks are confirmed, we bind the app to the device and perform ongoing checks to permanently ensure integrity, authenticity and confidentiality in real-time.

We also offer an independent SSL/TLS implementation with its own Trust Store. Smart Security Management Server offers app, device, identity, certificate (TC), and signature verification, making it a comprehensive security solution for your systems.

Here are some of our stakeholder categories;


Build an ecosystem around insurance, lending, payments and other services, target a new user base, don’t be left out in the FINTECH revolution


Empower all stakeholders, boost local economy, create lasting bonds with citizens


Strengthen your online brand with partners, create a richer customer experience, grow sales with channel partners


Rapidly expand offerings, know your buyers better, enable personalized and frictionless experiences in a connected world


Rapidly extend offerings and stand out from competitors by serving as a one-stop shop for buyers’ needs


Coordinate a healthcare ecosystem, expand offerings in telehealth and remote care, be closer to your patients


Streamline operations, improve the client experience, create competitive edge


Develop a 21st-century ecosystem for education and the future of work, adopt new tools, design and deploy new learning experiences


Deliver next-gen travel experiences with partner offerings

Technology never stops. Why should we?

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