KOBIL Identity

Patented high-security digital identity solutions Take control of your identities with KOBIL Identity – the ultimate partner in secure and efficient identity management. Enjoy seamless management of all your identities on a single, powerful platform.

App Protection Offers an additional layer of security by protecting your application from potential threats, such as malware, reverse engineering, and tampering.

Data Safeguarding

Ensures the integrity and confidentiality of your app, safeguarding sensitive user data and critical business processes.

Real-time Monitoring

Employs real-time monitoring and protection mechanisms to detect and prevent unauthorized access, modifications, or injections, maintaining a secure environment for your users and platform.

Step-up Onboarding

Security-Friction Balance

A security-friction balance based approach for building the preferred trust level of onboarding.

Quick Access

Allows customers to start using the Super App nearly right away, with additional credentials required for sensitive services.

Flexible Identification Factors

Include E-mail, SMS-OTP, ID-Card Verification, OCR-MRZ Engine, NFC Engine, Face Verification / Recognition, Face Detection, Liveness Detection, and Video integration.

ID Vault

Secure Storage

High-security feature that empowers users to securely store, manage consent, and share documents with service providers.

User Control

Users can choose the level of access they want to give to different services within the ecosystem.

Document Types

Can store a variety of document types, including addresses, credit cards, digital ID cards, driver’s licenses, education certificates, seals, and insurance cards.

PKI-based Authorization

Multi-Factor Authentication

Experience the world’s best PKI-based multi-factor authentication and transaction authorizations with KOBIL’s Transaction Signature.

Transaction Verification

Enables organizations to confirm the details and origin of a transaction with a high level of trust.

Convenience & Security

Transactions can be verified via request (pop-up) or in a chat message, which automatically creates a history for added convenience and security.

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

User Verification

KOBIL IDENTITY’s CIAM guarantees the right user, on the right app and device, shares, authorizes, or signs any transaction or document.

Compliance & Consent:

Ensures service providers meet global compliance and non-repudiation requirements, while users maintain the ultimate say in approval and level of consent.

CIAM Features

Include Single-sign-on, Consent management, and Identity federation and brokering services.

Secure by Design

Our unique multi-layer patented technology provides highest level of privacy and security, and is always compliant with all relevant norms such as GDPR.

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