Identity Verification

Face-to-face identity verification process begins when people go to institutions such as bank branches, dealers and public institutions. The person gives their identity, fills the application form and the identity verification process begins. This process is both time consuming and costly.

SCSoft’s robust and user-friendly identity verification solutions help businesses for digital onboarding  and KYC (Know Your Customer) process. ID Verification prevents identity theft and AML (anti-money laundering) Operations and minimize the risk.

Using SCSoft’ s ID verification solution, identity documents can be verified in real-time and within seconds.  

Financial institutions, banks, crypto currency services, digital wallets,  telehealth instituons,  insurance companies, SMEs, e-commerce companies with online transactions, educational institutions can easily carry out an efficient and comprehensive remote KYC process using identity verification services. You can also cross compare MRZ, OCR and NFC data.

SCSoft uses server-side AI powered biometric face-verification software and liveness detection to prevent ID spoofs.  You can perform age or gender analysis with SCSoft’s AI APIs.

  • Fast identity verification
  • Read MRZ, NFC and OCR
  • Video Verification
  • AI Powered Biomertic Facial Recogintion
  • Liveness Check
  • Age and Gender Analysys

SCSoft Identity Verification Solutions

KYC : Know Your Customer solution with SCSoft mobile SDKs and APIs

Anti Fraud : Prevent identity fraud with NFC identity verification

Online Banking : Ensure online transaction security with customer identity verification

Check-in :Seamless check-in experience in areas such as airport and hotel

Entrance Point Security : Entry point security

Payment Operations : Verify payments with biometric facial photo comparison

Education Platforms : Make your e-learning platforms safer

Age Verification : Verify the user age during login

Login : NFC and Biometric verification for identity validity in login processesPassword-Free Identity Verification : Matching an ID Photo with a Selfie

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