What is @guard?

@guard is a technology that can prevent unauthorized access to accounts by creating additional security layers with multi-factor user authentication methods. It has the flexibility to provide solutions to different needs of companies according to their size and sector. As it is an API solution, it has a fast and easy implementation technology and is documented in an understandable way. It allows you to easily manage features, activations, authorizations and more with a user-friendly admin dashboard. In addition, thanks to its flexible structure, it provides an additional security layers to digital login methods such as Apple FaceID, QR code or fingerprint that users frequently use.

General Features

  1. Application and Device Security

@guard ensures the security of mobile applications and all devices on which it is installed. With the device pairing feature, it provides a pairing process for users to verify their devices. This process aims to increase the security of transactions that are only allowed to be accessed on a specific device or realized on a specific device. It also offers different verification techniques to confirm to users that device is actually theirs. Furthermore, the application calculates a security score for devices. This score is generated over the device’s capabilities such as malware detection, rooting detection and emulator detection. It provides network security to ensure that data reaches the user correctly and remains safe without any attacks. With the “man in the middle” protection method, it provides protection to prevent unwanted people interfering with the content during the interaction of mobile applications with the application server. It has an “integrity check” feature to detect changes or manipulations on the device and application. It detects unordinary transactions done via application and applies special prevention methods such as blocking the relevant account or transaction. It also has screen mirroring blocking, screen recording blocking and screen capture blocking features to prevent private information from being seen, recorded or stolen by other people.

  1. Multi-Factor User Authentication

With the two-factor user authentication feature by pin, users provide double-layered security to their applications thanks to a pin number they create. Besides, users can securely login to account with modern digital authentication methods such as FaceID and fingerprint. They can also securely login with an offline token or by scanning a QR code from their mobile phone. They have the opportunity to perform multiple authentications from different channels such as mobile phones, tablets and ATMs. In addition, with the one-time password method, the system increases security by providing a one-time password for each transaction. With mobile notification confirmation, it provides confirmation of the accuracy of the transaction through the notification sent by the application to the user. This method also makes it possible to approve transactions initiated from another channel, such as an ATM, on the mobile application.

  1. Management(Admin) Panel

On the @guard’s management panel, all information can be viewed, authorizations and configurations can be easily customized as desired. With the device screen analysis feature, all unauthorized transactions or suspicious tracks on the device are detected, malware or other security threats are analyzed and monitored. Querying the activation status of the device, activating the device according to the customer, removing the activation lock, unlocking and deactivating processes are provided. All transactions taking place on the device can be monitored in detail, and in case of fraud, quick detection and deactivation can be made. It has a dashboard version control feature to ensure that users are running the latest and secure version of the software. Advanced settings and options such as customizing security settings, setting up device management and configuring network settings can be easily managed on the panel.

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