Corporate customer acquisition and risk management strategies can enhance the
competitive advantage of financial institutions and promote sustainable growth. Fincheckup
is a Financial Engineering product developed by focusing on these two valuable strategies:
Corporate Customer Acquisition and Risk Management.

Corporate Customer Acquisition with Fincheckup – CRM & CPM:
The corporate customer acquisition strategies of banks, financial institutions, and other
financial service providers are structured with various unique scenarios and goals. As a
result, Fincheckup aims to support the increase in customer attraction by offering
customized financial products through digital marketing and Customer Relationship

Management (CRM) systems.
Risk Management with Fincheckup:
Financial institutions may face various risks when dealing with corporate customers. To
identify and effectively manage these risks, Fincheckup incorporates thousands of Early
Warning Algorithms and 100+ Financial Analysis KPIs. By blending data analytics, artificial
intelligence, and other technological solutions, it supports the improvement and
management of your risk management processes with the option to use follow-up reports
and dashboards. Alternatively, you can feed your systems with outputs supporting credit
decision trees and risk parameters.

Technological Transformation with Fincheckup:
Fincheckup solutions have triggered a significant transformation in corporate customer
acquisition and risk management processes. Technologies such as automation and data
analytics play a crucial role in providing more effective and efficient risk management.
In summary, Fincheckup is designed to address the essential strategies of Corporate
Customer Acquisition and Risk Management, contributing to technological transformation
within the financial sector.

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