EnSecure is a security product developed for Soft OTP-based multi-factor customer authentication in digital channels, with the functions of logging in to digital channels, confirming risky transactions and signing contracts/instructions with qualified signatures, and can be adapted to countless scenarios with its advanced technology.

EnSecure works on the principle that the Soft OTP produced with an SDK embedded in the mobile application is verified with the OTP server installed in the automation center of the institution. Along with additional features related to mobile device recognition and use of the device as a factor, it also provides security functions that ensure the application leaves zero traces.

Banks, intermediaries, electronic money and payment institutions, as well as financial market and other sectors, can use EnSecure.

Why EnSecure?

– An organization that purchases EnSecure can integrate the product into their digital channels within just one week and start using it immediately.

– EnSecure has a very suitable architecture for scaling without performance loss and has a very advantageous proposal in its pricing policy compared to its competitors. With EnSecure’s “Single Price” policy, unlimited approval transactions are offered, eliminating unexpected costs for companies.

– EnSecure offers multi-tenancy, multiple authentication opportunities in a single structure for multiple applications, systems, or companies.

– An additional feature provided by EnSecure for mobile applications is to secure the connection between the application and the central system. The integrated delivery of device-application-connection security in addition to certificate-based security provides a significant contribution to the company in the solution where each transmitted message is unique.

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