EnQualify enables you to verify your customer’s identity or face in seconds with state-of-the-art AI on Mobile Edge Technology, regardless of your purpose such as remote customer acquisition, password renewal, limit increase. Different technologies such as deep learning algorithms, OCR, MRZ, NFC reading, video call infrastructure are used in EnQualify.

EnQualify can be utilized by various sectors, including but not limited to, banking, emoney, investment banking, telecommunications, insurance, and government services.

Why EnQualify?

– EnQualify is able to verify the front and back sides of ID cards in less than 5 seconds and liveness check steps are performed in less than 4 seconds with the AI ​​on Mobile feature, which is not available in most of its local and global competitors
– The problem of not being able to read the ID due to the relocated NFC antenna on android devices has been eliminated by adding a vibrating and audible NFC detector to EnQualify.
– EnQualify is designed to serve large corporations with high performance with its extensible architecture approach. It works on open source systems and databases, so it does not need operating system and database licensing separately.
– There are screens and functions in EnQualify Management Verification Platform that will facilitate the controls that customer representatives need to perform regarding customer information and documents
– Applications usually feature subtitled instructions, which might be challenging to read. EnQualify allows the upload of voice guidance.​​

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