Connect Earth

Financial services as a catalyst for change

Derisk regulatory pressure and engage with your customers over sustainability

Financial institutions are at the core of our economy and have a critical role to play in fighting the climate crisis. But knowing how to bridge the gap between intent, knowledge and action can be tricky.

The financial sector has historically lacked the infrastructure to support sustainable finance in a tangible way. With Connect Earth’s carbon data services, you will delight your customers, improve retention, attract younger demographics, beat regulation and enable green finance. 

Connect Earth’s solutions can be implemented by Retail Banks, B2B Banks, core banking platforms, FinTechs, accounting firms and ClimateTechs.

Connect Insights (retail and B2B solution) – key characteristics:

  • Carbon data estimates for financial transactions
  • Insights and tips to put knowledge into action
  • Continuously updated and improved data models and databases

Connect Insights enriches financial data with carbon emissions data. Whether your end customer is an individual or an SME, our API estimates the carbon footprint of every transaction. Connect Insights encourages conscious spending and business operations, and our API has been built to prompt users with tips and tricks to put carbon data into real life action.

Engage your customers with sustainable finance. Test Connect Earth’s API for free. 

Connect Report (B2B solution) – key product characteristics:

  • Step-by-step carbon emissions estimates for SMEs
  • Analysis of hotspots and main sources of emissions
  • Performance benchmarking against the industry
  • Tailored reduction recommendations
  • Downloadable carbon accounting reports ready to share with supply chain partners, financiers and customers
  • Open Banking integration to capture data from multiple bank accounts

Connect Report simplifies carbon emissions calculation for small and medium-sized businesses. Integrated into their bank account, SMEs input their operational data, and 70% of the process is automated by analysing transaction data. This assesses progress toward Net Zero and offers actionable reduction advice to inform stakeholders.

Enable green finance and help your SME customers to measure, reduce and report on their carbon footprint with a simple carbon accounting tool.

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