Bulutera Information Technologies started its operations in 2018 after being awarded the TUBITAK Techno-Entrepreneurship Support.

Through its Blockchain-based Digital Guarantee Processes project, the WallGee – Digital Wallet product has contributed to the industry by digitizing all warranty documents and warranty processes.

Thanks to its expertise in Treasury and Capital Markets, Bulutera has provided solutions in this field to many customers.

With this expertise, Bulutera offers its customers the “Bu-Trade” product.

Bu-Trade offers all applications needed by a bank, brokerage firm, or portfolio management company as SaaS, provided in a module-based format.

Bu-Trade consists of the following modules:

  • B-Fund: This module includes all operational processes related to Investment Funds, including all investment fund processes. The application is ready for integration with all desired institutions, including TEFAS.
  • B-FunB: This module focuses on operational processes related to Individual Pension Funds, including all individual pension fund processes. The application is ready for integration with all desired institutions, including BEFAS.
  • B-Stock: This module is designed for Stock and IPO processes. With this module, all processes related to stocks are readily available. It is ready for integration with desired institutions, including BIST integration.
  • B-Sec: This module is designed for Fixed-Income Securities and all related processes. It covers all fixed-income securities products, including Islamic finance products.
  • B-FundPrice: This module is the pricing module for all types of funds, including investment funds and individual pension funds.
  • B-Cust: This module encompasses all processes related to custody banking.
  • B-Deriv: This module is used for all derivative transactions conducted between banks or customers. The module covers Vanilla Options, Exotic Options, Forward, IRS, CCS, and CDS transactions. It is ready for integration with platforms like Bloomberg and Reuters.

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