Authentication Solutions

LiveAuth is a regulatory remote identification and authentication service that organizations
may use to avoid face-to-face conversation. Compared to in-person identification and
verification procedures, this solution enables transactions to be carried out in a more
powerful and secure manner. Using OCR and NFC technology, LiveAuth can first determine
if ID cards and passports are forgeries or copies. Subsequently, it uses face recognition
technology to confirm that the individual presenting the identity paper is really that person.
The biological evidence that is being used at this stage is intended to ensure that the
operation is performed willingly and without coercion. LiveAuth database does not save any
of the information gathered during the ID reading and facial recognition phase, thus fully
ensuring its customers’ data security.

Where Can You Use LiveAuth?
Today, LiveAuth offers a wide range of applications where identification and authentication
processes are critical. It may be utilized in sectors like as e-commerce, finance, government,
health, medicine, medical devices, education, insurance, law, technology, tourism, payment
services, and crypto asset services, where transaction security is paramount.

LiveAuth is extremely useful for online banking activities such as validating client IDs, issuing
and issuing orders, mobile banking transactions, customer assistance, remote customer
acquisition, official notifications and correspondence.

LiveAuth is favored in the e-commerce industry to confirm the identity of vendors and
customers. Moreover, it provides reliable and helpful solutions for authentication procedures
for the development of virtual or digital wallets.

LiveAuth authentication system can also be used for remote examinations conducted
following Tele Health Legislation. Since it can authenticate with a passport, it is also
preferred in processes for patients arriving from abroad.

Crypto Exchange
LiveAuth is an ideal tool to use throughout the account creation phases of the crypto asset
services sector. Furthermore, it develops trustworthy options for cryptocurrency exchange
and money transfer operations.

General Corporate Transactions
LiveAuth may also be used for authentication in business operations. When users join and
depart online systems, it is used to authenticate them and to verify their identities. It also
serves as identity verification in electronic reservation transactions. E-Genel Kurul and E-
Board Meetings can also be held with the most confidence using LiveAuth.

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